The Boys’ Dorm takes shape

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St. Martin de Porres, Bustos, Bulacan, Philippines, July 2006:

Building Blocks of a Bright Future-and a Good Night’s Sleep

For the boys of SMDP, who’ve been sleeping on bunk beds in a revamped former city bus in their current quarters, the rapid construction of their new dormitory is a dream come true. Right on schedule, the walls are rising, showing just how much can be accomplished when people band together in the name of a worthy cause.

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The SMDP boys' dormitory as of July 13

From one month to the next, a dramatic transformation of the site where the SMDP Children's Village will stand occurs.

Preparing to lay the second-story flooring

A dirt floor (center) will soon become a main hallway

The erection of scaffolding ensures safety and stability