Supporting Relief Efforts in the Philippines

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Thank you to all of our friends who have reached out to see if SMDP and the Tondo Halfway house were affected by the devastating Typhoon Haiyan. We are very grateful that they were not in the storm’s path, and appreciate your support and concern.

We plan to immediately make a large donation with funds raised in 2013 to help relief efforts in the storm-ravaged cities. We are currently collaborating with Father Boyet and the administrative staff at SMDP to clearly identify the needs of children affected by the Typhoon. The bylaws of our Foundation require us to put our aid toward helping children so we are focusing our efforts on them.

We are dedicated to effectively, efficiently and fully helping these children. We appreciate your continued support as we help them rebuild.

The JDVSF will update the website as soon as we have more information so that donors can contribute directly through our Foundation.