SMDP Expands in 2012: Five New Children, a New Cottage and More Pigs Help Children Thrive

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SMDP expects five new children in the New Year. This will bring the total number of children to 101, the first time that the orphanage has accommodated more than 100 girls and boys.

The children are enjoying a nutritious diet thanks to the expanded pig farm, which is now a regular source of meat for them. Of the 40 young pigs in May 2011, SMDP kept 10 females and the litter of one of them. The rest were butchered and a few pigs were sold to the market. A pig usually provides meat for three days for children and adult helpers.

In addition, the four students sponsored by JDSF are all making good progress. Two passed their entrance exams, one is already in his second year of accounting at college and the last is working on his English to pass the entrance exam in spring 2012.

The SMDP guesthouse “Basco” and the last of the six cottages have been built (painted bright pink). Basco can accommodate up to 14 guests, and currently houses students from the Netherlands and Australia who are doing their practical field work at SMDP.

“We are excited at accomplishing so much at the beginning of the new year,” says JDVSF chair Lizelle Salvador. “I can’t wait to see how our wonderful progress will help our children succeed in 2012.”