New Year’s Update

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St. Martin de Porres, Bustos, Bulacan, Philippines, January 2008

Building A New Future

The new year kicks off at St. Martin with construction proceeding apace. With the first of two cottages now being built for the girls of St. Martin already complete, a second cottage being built is being prepared for roof installation in early February. Ground has also been broken on a chapel for the children, which is being built thanks to the generous donations of Cesar & Mimi de Vega, the Philippine Germany Obenberg Community, and Tita Nene Raymundo.

Learn more about the people of St. Martin de Porres at the SMDP website.

The new chapel takes shape

Closer view of framing of the chapel

The chapel site prior to framing

The sturdy foundation of the second cottage is laid

The second cottage grows from the ground up

Walls and framing take shape

The cottage is now a real structure

The second cottage ready for roofing in February 2008