March Visit by JDVSF Board to St. Martin de Porres

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JDVSF board members Lizelle Salvador and Hugo Banziger visited the St. Martin de Porres home for children (SMDP) and the site of the half-way house in Tondo, Manila.

The village continues to grow and received its 97th child last month. They were happy to see that the children are making good progress – three of the children graduated from high school the week before their arrival. Two more graduated the week after from Don Bosco, where they received vocational training in engineering.

When they arrived, fish harvesting was in full swing. The Pangasius, a local Dori fish, is being sold to local markets. A small truck comes to the children’s village regularly to pick them up. Going forward, they will breed Tilapia, which fetch a higher price. The first Tilapias were put into two of the four fishponds.

In Tondo, they met Engineers Onie and Rey and saw that all drilling and piling work has been successfully completed. The deep piles will make the building safe from earthquakes. In addition, construction work has begun with the building of the first of two cesspools. While the very wet season has delayed some work, completion is still on schedule and expected for October or November.

Children perform for board members after lunch

Engineer Onie, Board member Lizelle, Engineer Reynaldo Faminial and Board member Hugo Banziger in front of the finished pile in Tondo.

The future visitors center

Preparing banana leaves, which serve as plates, for the children's lunch

JDVSF founder Lizelle Salvador with two SMDP children

The finished pile at the Tondo site