JDVSF Board Member Hugo Banziger Spends Christmas Eve at St. Martin de Porres

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The children perform the Christmas story

JDVSF board member Hugo Banziger spent Christmas Eve with the children of St. Martin de Porres. Holy mass at 4 pm was followed by a fabulous Christmas show for which the kids had trained for several days.

A group of girls danced to “Feliz Navidad,” while the youngest boys performed a break dancing routine in oversized white baseball hats. There was also a choir who sang “Silent Night” and a play that recreated the shepherds on the holy night when they found Jesus. The light in the big dining hall Comedor was switched off, and kids marked the moving morning star with torchlights. Boys wearing Arab headgear played the shepherds and the youngest acting as the holy child clapped his hands in the crib when the shepherds arrived.

The fabulous festivities were followed by a delicious Christmas meal and a movie for the older children – the younger had to go to bed after dinner.

The boys performance