Great Expectations for 2013: Helping More Children Reach their Potential

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The JDVSF has had many successes over the last year. There are now 125 children living at SMDP, 25 more than last year. Six of the older girls live with Mama Mirna in a small house built across the rice paddies.

The children are thriving academically. SMDP employs five teachers who instruct students in the newly completed school building. Older students enjoy mentoring younger ones. Two of our college students are doing so well in accounting that they have each secured a summer internship with Union Bank for 2013 and plan on getting an MBA. In addition, three older boys are training to become commercial seamen.

The children are also excelling in music. The violin group performs so professionally that Father Boyet takes them to weddings where they earn a little pocket money. A group of mostly girls enjoys playing Rondalla string instruments.

There will certainly be many exciting opportunities in 2013. For one, the young musicians may have a chance to perform in a music room attached to the new Conference hall. The event space will be completed in February 2013 and is already rented for several occasions.