Endah’s Experience at St. Martin de Porres

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Endah and the girls of Hijas de Esther

Endah and the girls of Hijas de Esther

In January, Endah volunteered at St. Martin de Porres. She was introduced through U! Happy Events (http://uhappyevents.com/) a volunteer organization providing support and education to marginalized children in the Philippines. Endah is Muslim, and her experience shows that the values of diversity, love and respect combine to create a great opportunity for all. Here is Endah’s experience in her own words:

“My experience trough U!Happy events is one of the best in my life. I’ve made giants leaps in my professional and personal development learnt a lot about my self and the world. It is a pleasure and privilege, surrounded by diverse team, all intelligent, beautiful and friendly people. AIESEC allows me the opportunity to be in contact with people from across the globe. Being a part of Global Citizen taught me to different culture and mindset and got to deal with it in positive way. I love the way people respect me to the way i dressed during my stay in the Philippines, especially in my workplace in JD Salvador. I felt like i found my new family, surrounded by lovely people who respect each other. Really taught me about how beautiful living in a different culture.
The first time i choose U!Happy events i expected that i will get a lot fulfilling experience and yes! I never regret to choose my project. Not only had experience through educating children but also i learnt about the social project itself. As a social foundation, Bless the children foundation is like a complete package of a social foundation not only providing health care and education but also they are providing an small industry for the mother of the sponsored children so the family will be empowered by their program. Not only receive amount resources of help but the most important of the presence of Foundation is how they could empower people.
In my teaching experience,not easy to make them understand about things,let they know first, and then do. Learning by doing is the best method for them, because of they came in different age so its more challenging to teach what i learned is just give and give.. don’t expect too much about the result , more focus on the process of learning itself. Like what i experienced when i was teaching Gabriel and Carlyn, like before they didn’t know about part of body then i started to teach them about it then repeat again and again and again, then in the end i was surprised when i started to tech them how to describe picture, they could learning faster and describing it well like.. Tiger has 2 eyes. It also has 4 legs… haha sometimes a very simple real things really can bring a positive vibes in your life.
Stop whatever its you’re doing.. go down to their level, and talk to them eye to eye..use patience and simple language, and of course.. be observant to the little details of their reaction. And then make yourself clear. If we spent more of time with children, we would appreciate more of beauty that surrounds us and feast our senses on life’s simple pleasures. The excitement they show when discovering the simplest thing is a delight to see and experience with them. Everything is an extraordinary and I hope their curiousity, adventure and wonder of life will never end!
Another favourite of my work is on 3rd floor i usually spent my free time with the resident of JD Salvador a day with these kids is guaranteed smiles endless joy and laughter. It really didn’t take much to make them happy. These children just need people to show them love,give them hugs, make them laugh. What an indescribable emotion, that soul filling love that they give to me. To those who say it takes a lot of courage to volunteer, i would say it just take a little bit of your time to make a difference in someone’s life.
Once in my life i ever asked myself how far you could help others? And i was sad i couldn’t answered my question but now, i’m feeling grateful that i could experienced how to serve people. Thankyou U! Happy Events, Thankyou AIESEC, and Thankyou BYSMP Bless The Children Foundation!”