COVID-19: Situation Report – Don Bosco TVET

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As of Friday, April 3, 2020 the situation at Don Bosco vocational school in Tondo, Manila, where JDVSF supports programs and infrastructure is as follows:

  • Classes/educational programs were officially closed in mid-March, and all students were sent home
  • A skeleton staff of the parish remains at the large facility
  • Fathers Gaudencio and Boc are now using the large facility Don Bosco to feed the poor in the neighborhood, sourced from food deliveries provided by the Catholic Church
  • Except for concerns around hunger, the local people are positive and strong, and the Don Bosco staff are doing well
  • They are coping with their food distribution mission well, and do not currently need additional help
  • The JDVSF will remain in close contact with Frs Gaudencio and Boc