Christmas Eve Visit, and Special Update on Hijas de Esther

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Board member Hugo Banziger celebrated Christmas Eve at San Martin de Porres. Hugo and his family were welcomed at the main village, followed by lunch. They then moved to Hijas de Essther, the girl’s village a short trip across the field. The 39 girls have become a lively and spirited community in the 18 months they’ve been together and gave a very warm welcome. Their welcome included a special performance with flutes which they learned to play from Angela Freytag, the teacher from the Swiss Chapter who spent two months at the Hijas recently. Then the younger girls sang pop songs and inspired everyone with their strong and lively voices – and their good English.
The facilities and the buildings show the happy community living there; with flourishing gardens, many ducks and continued progress on the chapel. Additionally, Engineer Oni is putting the final touch on the plans for the Hijas school building and hopes to break ground sometimes in late February or early March.
Most importantly, the girls continue to flourish and they laugh and play in a way they didn’t when they arrived at Hijas. With the help of the psychologist (Alice), the girls are recovering from the various traumas, including sexual abuse, they experienced in their lives before Hijas de Esther and San Martin de Porres.
Warmest holiday wishes from all.