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London, July 2008

Philanthropists Without Borders:
Friends of JDVSF Make the July Travel Auction a Success

Since the John D.V. Salvador Foundation was founded, friends of the organization have distinguished themselves as good citizens of the world by supporting the expansion of the St. Martin de Porres Children�s Village outside Manilla. Spanning many thousands of miles, time zones, and the barriers of language and culture, For children, many of them placed at risk by adults living closest at hand, the experience of being cared for by a community half a world away has done much to restore their trust.

In acknowledgement of its donors� global awareness, the JDVSF lent its second annual fundraising gala held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Ballroom in Knightsbridge London, a travel theme. �Traveling is certainly pleasurable but who among us hasn�t found exploring new cultures broadening,� says JDVSF Founding Chair Lizelle Salvador. �Our supporters� strong commitment to a cause beyond their borders gave us the idea of auctioning off immersions that would be both enjoyable and rewarding.�

Judging from the evening�s spirited bidding, the host of exotic long weekends offered–many of them donated by friends of the JDVSF–delivered on both counts. The highly sought-after stay at the Chateau de Bagnols in Lyon, France, took the highest bid of GBP7,000, but interest in all the other trips offered was impressively high. An apartment in Buenos Aires, a beach house in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil, and a long weekend on a Turkish Gulet were just a few of the many excursions designed to take winning bidders out of their element in style and comfort. �Attendees� generosity and the range of unique experiences we were able to make available combined to turn the evening into a financial success,� reports Lizelle, noting that the GPB70’680 profit outstripped the funds raised by the previous year�s wine-tasting gala.

And while dinner and dancing made for ample evening�s entertainment, the cause that brought everyone together was always front and center. Erik Wood of Erik Wood Productions Ltd. donated his production services to mount an impressive video presentation showcasing the exciting gains already made at St. Martin. �I think everyone ended the evening feeling it was a great way to celebrate what we�ve all achieved together,� says Lizelle. �It was truly inspiring, though, to see the wonderful photos of the children so obviously flourishing in the new lives that the JDVSF�s supporters generous giving and participation have helped make possible.�

Learn more about the people of St. Martin de Porres at the SMDP website.

A few auction guests enjoying the night

Preparing to bid

Bonham's auctioneer leading the event

Guests reviewing the extensive list of travel packages

Guests at the table during the auction

Bidding became heated

After the auction completed the dance floor opened