Tondo Halfway House Marks Milestone with Inauguration Set for July 1

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The Tondo Halfway House (“Centro Salvador”) will be inaugurated on Monday, July 1, 2013. This marks a major achievement for the JDVSF and a large crowd is expected to attend the event.

The new home will support around 30 teenage boys with vocational training. In addition, it will help keep local families intact by providing a food corner for small children on the ground floor and a medical center for mothers with no income on the first floor.

Funds were raised for this project in 2009 and 2010, and construction began in December 2010. The construction was complex – workers had to drill piles 16m deep through the mud to make the building safe from earthquakes. Due to such safety considerations, the building was more expensive to build than expected. While JDVSF originally budged 16m Philippine Pesos (USD 388,000), structural safety requirements increased the amount to 22m PhP (USD 554,000).

“The building is an important milestone for our charity,” says Chairwoman Lizelle Salvador. “It is the foundation for our efforts to break the cycle of poverty. We want to make sure that all the kids from St. Martin leave the orphanage with work experience and a job lined up.”

JDVSF’s next project will be building of a Girls’ Center to achieve the same for teenage girls.

View of Centro Salvador from the street

View of the main facade

Second floor conference hall and medical center

Third floor dormitory space

Additional view of the third floor

Fourth floor dormitory area

The roof deck and accompanying view