Special Report on Flooding

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St. Martin de Porres, Bustos, Bulacan, Philippines, October 2009

Special Report from St. Martin de Porres

An average month’s worth of rain fell on the Greater Manila area this past week, displacing nearly a half-million people. Here Eunice Cheng Chua, house mother and Assistant Director, Development for the JDVSF reports on how the Children’s Village fared.

Dear Friends of St. Martin de Porres,

We at the Children’s Village have luckily been spared from the worst of the storm. The water rose quickly but receded the following day, with the exception of the rainwater that flooded the kitchen area.

Elsewhere, the fishpond overflowed, and some 30 bags of cement were damaged, but this is nothing compared to the toll the storm took on Marikina, Pasig and elsewhere.

In fact, we even had some good news: the rice field that was initially assessed to be devastated was later found to have survived the flood, with only some parts affected. And enough relief goods from benefactors and friends have come in that we have been able to share our good fortune and distribute much of it to families and communities in areas harder hit. Yesterday, Fr. Boyet distributed 100 sacks of rice and other provisions to 800 families whose houses were washed away by the storms in Bethelehem.

Many thanks to you from all of us for your thoughts and prayers. God Bless us.

Eunice Cheng Chua

After raining for almost a day, water level at Angat Dam rose to critical levels, causing nearby towns like Bustos to be flooded. SMDP was not spared.

Water rose so fast that the kitchen area was flooded in no time. The children sprung into action, moving the kitchen ware to the dining area. Alas they were outrun by the flood and scrambled to gather up the kitchen goods floating atop the rising tide.

The way to the cottages was flooded, yet the water did not reach the cottages JDV, Angelita, and Akita so the children were kept warm.

Water in the fishponds rose, flooding the banks. The fishes were carried away by the current.