St. Martin de Porres

St. Martin de Porres Children’s Village & Centro Salvador Halfway House

In 2005, the John D.V. Salvador Foundation planned to raise USD1 million to build a Children’s Village and supporting facilities for the at-risk children of St.Martin de Porres, in Bulacan, Philippines. Now, in 2016, the current fundraising has totaled over USD1.8 million. Along the way, to support the children as they age out of the Children’s Village facilities and programs the JDVSF also developed a housing and support facility in Manila which opened its doors in 2013. This halfway house, “Centro Salvador” in the Tondo area of Manila provides housing, support and community services to the young adults who graduate from St. Martin de Porres and move to Manila for work or further education. As of 2016, the building phase of the JDVSF’s initiative at St. Martin de Porres is largely complete and the focus turns to breaking the cycle of poverty.

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Children’s Village Project Details

The Children’s Village at St. Martin de Porres is built on a total land area of 27,693.27 square meters on Mission Road, Bonga Menor in Bustos, a province of Bulacan, Philippines. The planning and development of the Children’s Village was conducted under Father Boyet’s direction by Ma. Theresa Quimpo and engineer Leoncia Maneja, who offered their services pro bono. As part of a six-phase plan, the JDVSF made an annual commitment to fund two buildings of the Children’s Village construction. As of 2016, the construction phase is complete.

Aerial view of Children's Village from 2016

Aerial view of Children’s Village from 2016

Phase One – Boy’s Dormitory (2006) complete

  • Design and planning of Children’s village by Arch Mark Anthony K. Lo and Jason S. Ang of Anglo Partners & Architects
  • Construction of boys’ dormitory

Exterior view of Boy's dorm

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Phase Two – Site Development (2007) complete

  • Site development for access roads, dining hall, vocational training center
  • Refinement and expansion of architectural plans by architect Ma. Theresa Quimpo and engineer Leoncia Maneja. Construction commences on new scheme, which replaces dormitory living quarters with a constellation of smaller cottages to give children family style living quarters. Ponds for fish cultivation are added to enhance the SMDP diet and further diversify SMDP products sold at local farmers’ markets.

Completed fish pond

Phase Three – Dormitories & Additional Buildings(2008) complete

  • Construction of two cottage dormitories (fully funded by JDVSF)
  • Construction of church started
  • Construction of four small cabins for staff and visitors

Casa Angelita now home to the smaller boys

Phase Four – Comedor, Dormitory & School (2010) complete

  • Construction of vocational training center, dining hall, and one cottage dormitory

View from the outside of the new Sala de Comedor May 22, 2010-

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Phase Five – Additional Dormitories (2010) complete

  • Construction of three cottage dormitories

View of two of the completed cottages

Phase Six – Dormitories and Administrative (2011) – complete

  • Construction of three cottage dormitories
  • Conversion of the original SMDP residence, founded in 2004, to an administrative building

Centro Salvador Halfway House, Tondo Manila (2011-2013) -complete

Hijas de Esther Girl’s Village – Dormitories (2014-2015) -complete

Hijas de Esther Girl’s Village – School / Multi-Purpose Facility(2016-2018) -Complete

CAD rendering of proposed girls multipurpose building & school

CAD rendering of proposed girls multipurpose building & school