Happy New Year 2018 at Centro Salvador

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JDVSF Treasurer Hugo Banziger visited Centro Salvador in Tondo, Manila on January 6, 2018. Centro Salvador is always a hub of activity. While there, Hugo observed the children writing thank you notes to donors who provided Christmas presents. This year, Christmas presents were provided by the Canadian charity group Chalice.
Additionally, there was a meeting of the Mothers’ Savings Club; a group formed by mothers of children sponsored at the Centro. They formed a Savings Club for joint investments they want to make to create better opportunities for their children. The photo is from their monthly meeting when they agree which proposals deserve their backing. Happy New Year from Centro Salvador!

Meeting of the Mother's Savings Club

Meeting of the Mother’s Savings Club

More thank you notes

Mothers Savings Club Notes and Planner

Mothers Savings Club Notes and Planner