GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Happy days gone by forecast good things to come

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The children at St. Martin de Porres greeted 2011 with excitement over all the good things to come. A sense of healthy entitlement to the basics–food, shelter, education—and to the support they’ll need to forge brighter futures may be one of the greatest gains the children have made since escaping the streets. At St. Martin, house parents, social workers, and volunteers help nurture these expectations by providing the children jam-packed daily routine that breaks for such happy disruptions as the holiday celebrations and activities pictured below:

A nutritious breakfast is an important basic at St. Martin, where children finally have enough food to learn the importance of eating healthily.

Winners of the JDVSF’s 2010 Christmas Card Contest with Father Boyet. The aspiring artists–winners took home a paint set along with kudos from recipients of the JDVSF holiday cards.

A December visit from a dentist-friend of St. Martin makes tooth-brushing fun.

St. Martin residents got busy with string, magazine cutouts, and paper to make the beautiful Christmas lanterns that decked the St. Martin halls

Four St. Martin athletes took first place in the Tumbang Preso games held at the recent Sportsfest held in Muntinlupa City on Dec. 4