Construction progress reaches the 2nd story

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St. Martin de Porres, Bustos, Bulacan, Philippines, August 2006:

Within these Walls a New Future Beckons

The conclusion of summer saw the two-story walls rapidly rising on the boys’ dormitory. In early August, erection of the steel for the second floor was completed. And in just seven days, the walls enclosing the 10 bedrooms planned were erected. The rooms, designed to sleep 10 or five apiece, will nicely accommodate current residents and also allow for the future growth of the St. Martin family.

Up next is the fabrication of the roof trusses. A polycarbonate roof over the courtyard has also been added to the dormitory design in order to enhance the functionality of that space. “The courtyard will now be available for use rain or shine to the boys who wish to study outside and also serve as a place where we can hold group meetings,” says Eunice Cheng-Chua, who assists in managing and overseeing projects at the St. Martin de Porres home on behalf of the John D.V. Salvador Foundation.

With construction due to finish this fall, and the ribbon cutting ceremony set to take place on November 11, the new boys’ dormitory is fast moving to completion.

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Architect Jason Ang, principal of Anglo Partners & Architects, inspects the second floor steel work for the boys' dormitory.

The western view of the boys' dorm.

A polycarbonate roof will shelter an internal courtyard (pictured here), where residents will be able to gather for meetings, study, and fellowship.' dorm.

Concrete blocks form the core of the interior walls on the second floor that will in the next few months give real bedrooms to the boys of St. Martin, who due to the current cramped quarters have been bunking in a converted city bus.