Centro Salvador flourishing: hundreds of children fed, educated and supported

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Centro Salvador, the halfway house in Tondo, is thriving and working at full capacity. There are now four teachers, two nurses, one social worker, six field workers and three cooks working at Centro.

On the ground floor, 650 sponsored, local children are fed daily. Sponsorships by the Canadian charity Chalice include food, school accessories and uniforms. In addition, Centro Salvador feeds 96 malnourished infants.

Children also get annual health checkups by the medical charity MCC. A staff dentist works there on Tuesday and Thursday.

On the first floor, there is additional teaching space. The children study math, science and English.

The second and third floors are used as a dormitory for girls and boys during the day.

The terrace on top of the building is used for parent meeting and other large gatherings.

Upstairs terrace at Centro Salvador

Upstairs terrace at Centro Salvador

Music storage on the second floor

Kids at Centro Salvador greet representatives from the JDVSF