A report from St. Martin de Porres

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Picture of Angela and children
Angela Freytag, a teacher at a primary school in Switzerland, spent two months at St Martin de Porres with around 30 girls aged 5 to 18 years. Here is her report:

Each week, Angela taught English, Math, Biology and Chemistry for grades 4 to 6. Her students were highly motivated and disciplined. The girls had a precise daily schedule – their day started at 4am with a shower, then 5am morning prayers before duties like watering plants, feeding pets (geese, ducks, a dog and cat), sweeping, and washing clothes. A very high importance was placed on tidiness and hygiene in the house.

School started at 8am, followed by a lunch break at 11am. The food was always good – often meals of rice with meat or vegetables directly from the garden. The school lessons ended at 4pm and then there was time to play. The girls loved to play volleyball, chase each other, or to sing and dance along to Tagalog or English songs. Angela taught a group of girls how to play the flute.

After one hour of recreation in the afternoon the girls continued with their duties before praying the Rosary at 6pm every evening. They have a strong belief in God, and religion was an important part of their lives, giving them strength and hope. Father Boyet is a father figure for the children. The day was almost over after dinner around 7pm.

After only two months Angela had taken the girls into her heart and saying goodbye was hard, especially when the staff and children threw her a surprise farewell party.

She promised to come back – and in March 2016 Angela returned and stayed for one week at Hijas de Esther. The Swiss Chapter gave Angela 1000 francs to buy items such as sports accessories like volleyballs and nets, badminton sets, ropes, various school materials like dictionaries, a printer, paper, posters, visual aids, and also toiletries and groceries.

The experience at St. Martin de Porres will always be a precious time in Angela’s life as the staff and children became her second family. The beautiful children’s home will be an important stop from now on when travelling to the Philippines.
Collage of photos of Angela's trip